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Administering contests and picking winners

While the contest is running, you really don't need to do anything unless you're running a games contest* or have set the contest to pick daily winners. Either way, when the contest is complete, you need to pick winners and notify them directly. If you set the contest to pick winners automatically, you will just need to contact the winners.

* Games contests require that you update game scores when possible. See the tutorial on Games Contests

Picking winners

At any point while the contest is running (or when it has ended) you can pick any number of winners. .
Navigate to the entries page:
  • From the contest hub page find the contest, click the 'show actions' link and click the 'View entries' link in the list.
You can scroll through the list of entries, or click to show more when there are many, and click the 'choose as winner' link for any of them. If you want to randomize the list of entries click the 'randomize' button.

Once you click the 'choose winner' link, the page will refresh and you'll see their information to make contacting them easier. 

Additionally, if you download the contest-entries-csv file there will be a winner column with the appropriate winning entries identified.

As of this time, we don't provide a way to show who won any given contest on the website/app but we're looking into it.