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About photo/video contests

You can run a photo OR video contest. We combine them both here because they're similar to each other. Photo/video contests are just like regular contests with 2 major differences
  • Photo/video contests allow the user to upload an image or video
  • Users vote for their favorite. The upload with the most votes wins (voting is optional when you create the contest)
When you set up a photo/video contest, you set the run time for the contest entries and also the run time for voting. When the voting time ends, the contest ends and a winner is chosen.

There are 2 new sections in the contest editing form that appear for photo/video contests.

Video/Photo panel fields

  • Voting page title (the page title that shows on the voting page)
  • Contest start page (choose between the entry form and the voting page)
  • Moderate media? (do you want to approve video/photos before they appear on the public site? Probably!)
  • Allow Captions (users can submit a caption with their media upload)

Voting panel fields

  • Allow Voting?  
  • Number of votes per user (flexible - allows for daily voting if desired)
  • Start/End Voting on... 
  • Voting page content (shows on the voting page under the page title
There are a few ways people run these kind of contests. 
  1. Users enter the contest, upload their media, and can vote. Or a user can just vote without entering.
  2. Admin-upload only with no entry allowed - users can only vote on predefined media.
  3. Users enter contest and upload with no voting enabled. Admins take all the entries and run a second 'vote-only' contest on the top 10 entries.