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How to create a standard contest

Contests are a fun activity for users, and we make it easy for them to enter. Getting a contest up and going is a good way to attract users to your content, and to entice them to check back for other fun stuff. Contests will appear in the app and on the website.

Note to business admins: You will have to have the contests permission set in order for you to create your own contests.
To create a new contest, navigate to the add contest page:
  • For businesses, simply click on the contests link on your dashboard then click the '+ Contest' button for the type of contest you want to run
  • For admins, navigate to 'Promotions' > 'Contests' then click the '+ Contest' button for the type of contest you want to run
The form fields are mostly intuitive. We'll mention the ones below that might not be ovvious.
  • Part of a series? (Games contests only) If you're creating a games contest, you can make it part of a series. Either give the series a new title or choose from the pulldown list. Putting multiple games contests in a series allows you to easily tabulate aggregate scores over time.
  • Template Choose from the different options. you can still overlay your own graphic on top of the template you choose. If you want a blank template, choose the 'generic' one.
  • Contest Content and Rules: these are required.
  • Timing section: Note that you can have a contest run time and a contest entry run time separately. That way you can have the contest running ahead of time without allowing entries yet. 
  • Featured: Setting a contest as featured will allow it to show up in any featured rotators on your website as well as the app.
  • External Contest: See this tutorial for instructions on how to use this feature
  • Main image: Try and make this 800 wide by 500 tall if you can.
  • FAQ tab, Prizes tab: If you leave this blank they will not show up in your contest. If you put content into them, they will.
  • What data to collect when user enters? Choose as many form fields as you like. You can also/alternatively use custom form fields as shown. At least one field must be selected.
  • Random codes section: You can assign each entry a random contest code along with a message on what they can do with that code.
  • Sponsors: You have to add sponsors into the sponsors section before they appear here.
Save your contest and preview it from your contests hub page.