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Contests Overview

Contests are a fun, easy way to get users to interact with your website, giving you (or your sponsor) the ability to get their brand out in front of people, gather important user data (available as a downloadable spreadsheet) and – most importantly – build a user database for future marketing efforts.

Note to business admins: You will have to have the contests permission set in order for you to create your own contests.

Most contests allow you to create custom form fields, upload custom graphics, push to facebook and alert a user database via email and push notification. There are 20-30 other parameters you can set and we try and make it as easy as possible, allowing you to automatically alert users when the contest begins

Also, for most contests you can have the system pick winners for you. We won’t ever automatically contact those winners, but we give you the tools so you can.

When users enter contests, you can control the automatic ("Thanks for entering”) message that gets sent via email as well as the on-screen thank you message. This allows you to further engage the user with a coupon, discount or other offering.

You can even entice users to share the contest by awarding bonus entries to all who share (and whose share results in a new contest entry).

You will want to make sure you have your legal-approved contest rules language, as we don't provide that

You can create 5 different types of contests:

  • Standard contests
  • Photo contests
  • Video contests
  • Remote contests (that exist on other websites)
  • Games contests (admin only)

Standard Sweepstakes/Giveaways

These are simple contests with a prize. The user fills out a form that has your custom fields, then they’re done until you contact them with the contest results at the end.

Photo Contests

Photo contests are the same as standard contests but have additional components.

  • users can upload one or more photos (with or without captions)
  • you can allow voting which encourages users to vote for their favorite photo
  • you can display all entries in various photo galleries (after the contest has ended) if desired

Remote Contests

These are actually standard contests with a special URL included. See the How to set up a remote contest page.

Sports Contests

See the Games Contesting Overview page.

Video Contests

Similar to photo contests, the participant can upload their own video and have it displayed in a gallery where it can be voted on and shared. Video contests can be run ain participant-upload/vote or vote-only mode