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Setting up a remote or third-party contest on your site/app

If you have a contest that lives elsewhere, like ShortStack or any other location that can be accessed by a URL, you can include that in your website/app contest feed.

To create a contest on your site/app that actually lives elsewhere:
  • First gather your assets. You'll need the URL of the contest and a large image (800 wide by 500 tall). In addition you'll need a contest description (marketing text that probably already exists on the actual contest) and a start/end time.
  • Navigate to the add contest page:
    • For businesses, simply click on the contests link on your dashboard then 'Add a standard contest'
    • For admins, navigate to 'Promotions' > 'Contests' then 'Add a standard contest'
  • Everything from the top - down to the 'Click if this is an external contest' button - must be filled out. 
    • Don't forget the title, description, start/end times etc.
  • Click that button and paste in the URL for the contest.
  • For the rules, you need to put something. If you don't want to paste in all the rules you can simply state that the rules exist on the contest entry page.
  • Right under the 'Click if this is an external contest' button, under 'Standard Contest Specifics' you can upload the image.
The contest will appear on the website when it is supposed to start. There is usually a lag or delay anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. If you don't see it when you think you should, try syncing the website/app (admin only).