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The business dashboard

Your business dashboard is the first place you go when you log in, and the best place to go when you're ready to create new content for your business page. 

Your dashboard may or may not have all the links shown here. Access to create deals, contests and coupons are determined on a business to business basis.

Starting with the links across the top:

Build your Showcase
Your showcase (detailed here) is where all your promotional content appears. It is part of your business page. 

Manage your Vouchers
You can pick and choose from the different deals you've run to view/manage/print out lists of voucher holders. See also this article

Publish to Facebook
This button is currently deactivated as we're updating the FB posting system. It should be live soon, and it will allow you to have a 'tab' or 'page' on facebook that displays your showcase and allows users to enter contests and purchase deals through your facebook page.

Your Profile
Update your business information, locations, logo and categories through these links

Upload photo/video or documents such as menus and one-sheets.

Create different ways for users to get connected to your business
  • Coupons
    Filling out a custom form which you create, users will give you their data and get to download your free coupon.
  • Contests
    With 3 or 4 different types of contests to choose from you can engage your audience by giving away free swag or desirable prizes
  • Deals
    If you see this option, you can create deals where you will receive 90% of the revenue
  • Landing Pages
    Landing pages are basically just a branded form-based page
  • Events
    Schedule events to have them show up on your business page and eventually the app.
  • Showcase
    Mentioned above and referenced in this article

  • Currently showing your email subscriber database and some social information, this will eventually be a snapshot of your recent activity
Email Messages
  • Communication Center
    Create an email blast, view your email history and any incoming messages from users visiting your page
Share your Pages
  • Create facebook tabs and get quick links for sharing your promotional material
Admin Accounts
  • This will show any existing accounts and give you a way to add other administrators to your business account.