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How to run a deal (Business Admins)

A business can create their own for-purchase deal if they have the right permissions set. If you can create a deal, you'll see a deals link on your business dashboard under promotions. On the deals page, you'll see a 'Create a Deal' button.

Financial Responsibility

The business is liable to the station for any refunds or chargebacks in accordance with the existing legal agreement in place between the business and the station.

When users create deals, they get a downloadable/printable certificate. They can also access their certificate on a mobile device either from the website or from your website's mobile app. All these different versions of the certificate have the same information and the same QR code. The QR code is the best method to track and redeem your vouchers

Creating a Deal

From your dashboard click on the Deals link, then 'create a deal'

Many of the fields on this form are self explanatory. The information below is about the fields that may not be as obvious.

Note the tabs across the top.

Deal Overview

Title of the deal

We always append the end of the title with "from BUSINESS NAME" so there is no need to do that. Just put in a short, juicy title that entices a click.

Upload an Image

As it mentions, go for 800 wide by 500 tall or thereabouts.

Where is the deal valid?

If the voucher isn't going to be used at the businesses registered address (via the business's admin configuration), then put the redeem instructions here.

What is the total number...

You can restrict the # of purchases on a per person basis

Offer Details

What is the value/how much does it cost?

This is the value/price for a single voucher! In the example above, you would set the bundle to 5, the value to $10 and the price to $5. The system will calculate everything else.

What do you get for your money?

Please put in the exact item they purchased. For example: $30 worth of lunch or dinner

Number of deals available

Put in only the total amount you want to sell

Dates and Times

This is all pretty obvious. Note the article about expiration dates.


List any and all restrictions here.

Extra Stuff

Email Options

You can let the system create the email subject line or you can type on in here. You can also have the email go out earlier than the deal start time - our email sending system is slow and depending on the size of your list can take many hours.


You can upload a barcode graphic here that will be displayed instead of the qr code. We don't recommend this - the QR code is the best way to redeem the voucher instantly. See article about redeeming vouchers

Buyer Threshhold

This is getting phased out so please ignore

Coupon codes

You can choose to deliver a unique coupon code for each purchase. This is useful when the item they are purchasing is for sale on a website. You can get a list of codes from the vendor or have the system generate them for you (in which case you would give a copy to the vendor)

Deal Highlights

This is a bulleted list of highlights (optional) that displays at the top of the deal. 

When you're ready, click the Review Deal button, scroll down to the blue box with the big button.
There is a checkbox there for business approval. The deal will never go live if it's not business-approved. 

Click approve, then save and you're done!