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Redeeming vouchers/coupons (5 ways)

Managing Your Vouchers/Coupons

When people purchase one of your deals or download a coupon you need a way to verify that the certificate they are bringing to you is valid. To verify a certificate's validity, you can use any of the following methods:
  • Easiest/Most Secure Way: Scan the QR code that is printed on the voucher with your smart phone.? Even if the person shows you the voucher on their smart phone, you can scan it. Once you do this, you will be redirected to a web page that will prompt you to redeem the voucher shown. Click "REDEEM" and you're done! This is the easiest method. See the article

  • Use our 800 number to validate and redeem the voucher:  (844) 207-6950
    When you call the number it will ask for the voucher number - followed by the # key. After you do that:
    - If its a valid voucher: It will ask you to press 1 to redeem it.
    - If it is not valid, already redeemed or expired: It will tell you that. 
    Note: this method works for vouchers only (not coupons)

  • If the person is showing the voucher/coupon on their smart phone, you will see a button for the business to redeem the voucher. Just click on that, and it will direct you to a confirmation page. Click "REDEEM" 

  • Print out a list of your sold certificates and keep it at the front counter (tutorial coming soon). ?Then, as folks bring in their vouchers, you can just cross them off. However, you should (at some point) go into your account online and redeem the used vouchers. This makes it so they cannot be used again. This method only works when the deal has ended. If the deal is running, people will be purchasing the certificates while others are redeeming them. 

  • Keep your computer on with your admin account open. Then you can just click 'redeem' for each voucher that comes in.
To see your vouchers online, visit your dashboard and click 'Manage Certificates'

Validating the certificates is easy and fast, but it's good to be prepared. 

We will be monitoring all options for future security enhancements and welcome your comments and suggestions.