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Occasionally there will be refunds on purchases for any given deal. RevRocket handles all refunds and determines the claim's validity - though we'll consult with the station AE when the situation needs clarity. Refunds are issued when:
  • The purchase was accidental or the user bought more than one when they only wanted one.
  • The user purchased the wrong deal
  • The user is unable to use their voucher because a business won't honor it
  • The business closes
  • The user can't use the voucher based on inaccurate description/restrictions
We charge back for all refunds that result from something other than system error. The chargeback is:
  • 10% of the purchase price if the station/business has not yet been paid on it's commission.
  • 110% of the purchase price if the station/business has been paid on it's commission

If you need to have a refund issued for a user, contact revrocket. Usually their request for the refund will come in as a support ticket that you can assign to RevRocket Support.