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Push Notifications

FYIThis only applies if the RevRocket website in question has an accompanying mobile app.
Please note that promotion items you create (like contests, coupons and deals) will automatically send a push notification out if the item in question is set to notify.

Push notifications are a great way for businesses to communicate with their mobile user-base. A participating business can log in to their RevRocket admin account and create/schedule a push message. Push messages created by businesses will only be sent to their followers. Site admins have some choices on who to send their message to.

Note: If a user did not grant us permission for notifications they will not receive any notifications ever (until permission is granted)

To schedule a push notification:

  • Log into your admin account (link)
  • Click on the left navigation: Mobile App > Push Notifications
  • Fill out the form:
    • Active: This must be set to "active" in order for the push notification to go out on time.
    • Message: Keep this as short as you can within reason. Sometimes all a user will see is the first 50 characters depending on the presentation
    • Link To: You can link the push notification to existing app content. If you have a deal, coupon or contest running, you will find it in the pulldown menu. Otherwise you can have the push notification take the user to a website URL.
    • Target (site admins only): You can choose to send you message to one or more of the following lists:
      • Deals subscribers
      • Contests subscribers
      • Coupon subscribers
      • Specific business subscribers
  • Finally, click 'Schedule' to complete. The push notification will be sent out at it's scheduled time.
Note: Push notifications go out in 10 minute intervals. It may not happen on the exact moment you schedule it, but it will be close.