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Mobile App Overview

The RevRocket Mobile App displays content from your RevRocket website, as well as video feed content from Southern Weekend. The app can feature deals, coupons, contests and events that are created in the admin area of your site. Additionally, the app is beacon-enabled (more below) and able to receive push notifications that admins or businesses create.

Available for: Android and Apple phones
Downloadable from Google Play or the App Store

Key features

  • Push Notifications allow businesses to send messages to their followers
  • Beacon enabled businesses can push deals/promotions directly to the subscriber’s phone when they walk in the shop (Raycom provides the beacon)
  • Customizable splash screen
  • Users can purchase deals, download coupons or enter contests in the app
  • Interactive business directory users can upload photos to the business, rate (5 stars) and comment on a business
  • Interactive events directory a direct feed from Eviesays
  • Apple Passbook Integration
  • Optional splash screen with customizable graphic that can be linked to a page in the app (admin controlled)

A Note about User Permissions

During the initial app installation, we ask the user for permission to send them notifications and to use their location. If they decline either of these requests, we will ask them again at different times when appropriate (for example if they want to follow a business but didn’t allow notifications, we’ll ask for permission again).

Both beacon detection/reaction and push notification delivery are dependent on a user giving the app the appropriate permissions.