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Beacon Overview

Beacons are a way to advertise specials and grow notification subscription lists based on a phone's proximity to your business. 

Why use beacons?
Beacons ensure that users are at your business in order to receive the messaging. The messaging can be the form of a discount or other promotional offer. The user will need to like the business in order to see the promotion, and through this action of liking, the user becomes a subscriber for future push notifications from that business.

In order for a beacon to advertise to a phone, the following must be true:
  • The phone must have our app installed
  • The app must have location permissions enabled
  • The phone must have bluetooth turned on
  • The app must be within proximity of a registered beacon
  • The beacon must be powered on with adequate battery strength
Beacon messages appear to the user like a push notification. When the user taps on the notification, they'll get a prompt to 'like' the business to receive special offers. When the user likes the business, they become a notification subscriber and will now be able to see the main message/offer as detailed below.

A user can choose to opt out of beacon messaging on a business to business basis, or opt out entirely. 

Beacons that we provide will be set to your business but will need to be configured to show the messaging you want.  This is either:
    • a push notification for non-subscribers
    • or a full screen overlay with text and graphics for subscribers. The full screen message is the main message/offer
Clicking the push notification brings up the 'like' prompt. Clicking the like button on the prompt will allow the user to see the promotional  message.